My Social Entrepreneurship Idea: I can’t swim, can you?

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I started with the video. Now I want to share you the story…

I born and grew in Singkawang, a small nice city situated in an island where Kapuas River, the longest river in Indonesia is located, West Borneo. The river is one of the longest river in the world with a total length of 1143 km.

Although it is located in a province that is famous with its rivers, I did not find any place to learn swimming. No free or affordable public swimming pool in the city, I know only 3 (now, it was only one when I was kid) and they are quite expensive. The river in the city, they’re dirty, so much polluted. Some boys might be more brave, they could go to a gully/small canal with friends and try to swim there. But girls like me, we never been so adventurous. Furthermore, my parent didn’t put swimming as a priority (seeing it more as a recreation rather than life skill); they chose to buy food and books for me and my 6 brothers and sister instead of brought me to a further place where I could swim. Interestingly, I didn’t get any swimming class from kindergarten to senior high school. Not even once, as I remember.

In 2001, I moved to Depok (Greater Jakarta) for my university study. Till then, I grew up without knowing that swimming is an important life skill. I once had an accident felt from rubber boat when I did rafting for the first time, I thought I was going to die because I could not swim, luckily not, I survived! (Of course! who would swim on that extreme stream and rocky situation?). After that, I tried to learn swimming with my friend, but I didn’t manage. It was irregular and I had to many worries -that’s why it is so much better to learn when you’re very young.

Let’s start with my social enterprise dream!

I own a piece of land 10 m x 24 m beside of my parent house. I want to build a swimming pool. The pool will be a great option for children and adults to swim in a closer area with affordable price, AND provide free swimming class for girls (girls from middle-low-income families are my priority, but not deny the opportunity for boys too).

The swimming teachers will be mostly based on voluntarily basis, encouraging teenagers/young people to build their voluntary sense in earlier age. The money from the commercial swimming charges will be shared for paying the operational costs, saving, dividend and cost of the social activities.

You, my supporters, can always swim there for free! 😀

To make a nice swimming pool, I’ll need about $12,000-15.000. However, I start this campaign with $7,500 for the first action (for the basic pool). Will do second campaign or other schemes for the development later.

Interested in Social Entrepreneurship? Invest, donate or simply share this idea!
Contact me: or call 081280207713.



5 thoughts on “My Social Entrepreneurship Idea: I can’t swim, can you?

  1. Mb feb,

    Jujur ejie belom tau deh singkawang. Seenang banget sm kepedulian mb feb ini. Ejie mau mb ngajarin renangnya. Ehheh…. beneran!

    Oia, mau share ya mb… sapa tau ntr malah rezeki ada yg benar2 mau invest bikin kolam renang.

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